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Susan Wallace

Susan Wallace

Susan Wallace is a Canadian freelance writer fond of everything related to gambling. She has a degree in Sociology and gambling interested her as a phenomenon when she was a student. Susan wrote a dissertation about gambling as a recreational activity. Later, she dived into this topic deeper and deeper. With time, Susan decided to investigate online gambling and everything around it – what people are looking for when they choose this activity, how casinos work, and how to make the playing experience positive.

After four years of working at Bonus Catch, Susan improved her analytical, data-searching, and critical thinking skills. Now she is a real pro when it comes to casinos. She has already reviewed thousands of real money casinos and now has an eye for legitimate, reliable, and honest resources. Susan can distinguish the best and safest resources from first sight. She knows how to test and evaluate services, explain all the tricky aspects to new and regular players, and guide them through the world of gambling. Her main aim is to ensure that users play smartly and remember about their safety.

Besides gambling, Susan likes travelling, jogging, and doing yoga. She believes that positive emotions make the basis for a happy life. Susan writes articles to make your gambling truly beneficial and save you from any frustrations caused by a lack of knowledge. Susan is glad to inform you about the latest casino trends, rules, and secrets. She knows what players are looking for and rates casinos accordingly. She has already written numerous articles, but there are so many questions and topics she wants to discuss! You will find Susan’s new articles on our website – come back for more content and be informed!

Find Susan on Facebook if you have questions for her.

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